It doesn’t cost me but only a small fraction of effort to open my mouth and say, “I want a new s600 Mercedes Benz” but it’s going to cost me a great deal more for it to materialize at my front door. Yes, even FAVOR costs.


The price of the car may be $95,000.00 but that’s not the cost of the car. The price is what the dealer is asking for the car but the cost is what I may have to go through to obtain the price.


At the beginning of a year, how many times have we SAID, “This year is going to be better than last year” or “This year won’t be like last year”? It doesn’t cost us much of anything to  declare it. The price of a “Happy New Year” may be freedom or deliverance or health or sanity  or discipline or Love. But the cost is what I may have to go through to obtain it. (which then may alter the outcome.)


This is usually where we fail. We always see the price but we forget to COUNT UP THE COST because it doesn’t cost much to DECLARE it. Then we end up quitting because we had no Idea it was going to COST us so much.


In Luke 14: 25 & 26… Many people were following Jesus and he turned to them and said (paraphrasing) The difference between one just following me and one being my Disciple is that your family devotion (Love and Compassion) comes second to me. It doesn’t cost much to SAY “I love Jesus” and “I’m a Christian” but the cost comes with the bearing of the daily cross (burdens)  yet determined to follow. This proves true Discipleship (vrs.27).                                 


Jesus then asks a very important question… (vrs. 28). For which of you, intending to build a tower, (back then they didn’t have cranes and a tower was built from the ground UP or going HIGHER which it would all be manual labor. Meaning, this is not going to be an easy job because you’re dealing with THE FLESH!!!)…sitteth not down FIRST and counteth the COST, (not talking about it!!)…whether he have sufficient to finish it? (not sufficient funds but have sufficient strength).



Before you make a New Year’s Resolution do a New Year’s Realization check. Do I have enough Spiritual strength to accomplish these Spiritual declarations?


Make sure you count up the cost FIRST because you may find out that your New Year’s Resolution is to obtain STRENGTH First so when you verbalize your declarations, you will have sufficient to finish it… because if not, then we began to believe that the word is not true.



Happy New Year!!!


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