It is very possible that we continue to come up short in our finances because we just don’t have enough. It is also very possible that we don’t budget correctly. Meaning, finding out how much money we have coming in and itemizing our expenses to see if we have enough t...


"The Mark of The Beast"

More people that you didn't invite will show up at your funeral than they that will show up when you're alive and DO invite them to life in Jesus. How backward is that? note: it's not really backwards (flesh grieves at the loss of flesh) this is...


It doesn’t cost me but only a small fraction of effort to open my mouth and say, “I want a new s600 Mercedes Benz” but it’s going to cost me a great deal more for it to materialize at my front door. Yes, even FAVOR costs.


The price of the car may be $95,000.00 but tha...


After a knock-out during a boxing match, I can imagine the greatest anticipation of the victor is to hear the post interview of the victim. No matter what the world experienced during the fight, what does the victim say about his experience in the...

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